Let’s continue our “SEO tools” discussion with another interesting product designed specifically to help you better understand your audience and reach them effectively through SEO.

Blueprint Search Analytics is a tool built by a company called the Rimm-Kaufman Group. It’s their premium solution offered to every site owner who doesn’t care much about the numbers themselves, but wants to learn how to translate those numbers into real world traffic and people.

Understanding Your Audience

Although there are many different angles one can take with an affiliate site in the online gaming market, it’s not always that easy to truly understand your audience and know exactly what they’re really searching for.

Blueprint Search Analytics can help you with that through the audience analysis module. The tool analyzes the exact keywords that bring you traffic and then segments them into individual topics. So, instead of just looking at very detailed keywords, you get a kind of bird’s-eye-view on the true purpose behind someone’s visit.

Measure Your Effectiveness

Frankly, most ongoing SEO activities revolve around tracking your progress and finding new ways to improve it. Blueprint Search Analytics can help you with that by providing a nice panel that displays all your rankings and visits resulting from those rankings. Not only individual keywords are tracked, but also the entire categories of topics.

Efficient Problem-solving

One of the toughest tasks in SEO is to find an explanation when our sites get hit with a traffic drop or a ranking drop. Blueprint helps you to identify the exact area that experienced the drop, so you can act fast and fix the situation.

“Not Provided” Data Projections

The whole “not provided” thing was a big news a couple of weeks ago. Basically, Google no longer supports us with their keyword traffic data in order to, so they say, protect the privacy of their users. Blueprint has a way around this though. One module within the tool provides interesting “not provided” projections that enable us to still make educated decisions regarding our traffic sources even without the exact data.

ROI Forecasting

One of the main difficulties of SEO is predicting what areas/topics/keywords have the potential to give us the best ROI. We have access to various keyword data, but in most cases we can only guess what’s the right thing to do next.

This is another area that Blueprint can help us with. It analyzes the data, the “not provided” projections, the rankings and traffic you currently have, and as a result, gives you a forecast regarding the topics that are most likely to bring the best ROIs.

On-page Optimization Aid

Getting to the top spots on Google is mainly about mastering the art of off-page SEO. But we can’t forget about the on-page side as well. In fact, if the structure of our site prevents search engines from accessing our content, there’s not much we can do about it in the off-page department.

Blueprint Search Analytics takes a look at your server’s logs and analyzes the path of search engine robots on your site to identify any possible problems and obstacles. Then, it gives you suggestions on how to fix them.

Should You Get It?

Blueprint Search Analytics is one of those top-tier SEO tools. With prices starting at $1500 per month, it’s hard to imagine an affiliate with a relatively new site would buy it.

That being said, the tool is incredibly powerful and offers way more features than the standard solutions like Moz. In short, it’s the next step up above your everyday traditional SEO analytics tool.

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