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Spending Less on Marketing by Getting in Touch with Your Sensitive, Creative Self

In 2011, many gambling affiliates exploited their inner creative genius and engaged in innovative forms of marketing their websites that involved spending much less on marketing campaigns.

Please don’t get the wrong idea, the fact that some affiliates got kind of creative does not mean that we have Picasso’s and Hemingway’s running online gambling websites, but rather it means that gambling affiliates realized that some humor, creativity, and at times naked photos of themselves, seem to work just as well as the priciest marketing trick for sell.

If you haven’t explored your inner creative genius yet (don’t worry, we guarantee full confidentiality and won’t tell your friends that you are trying to get in touch with your sensitive, creative side), here are some tips from Bryan Bailey, the man who spent $0 on marketing for the past 13 years and managed to run an extremely successful website.

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