When Floyd Mayweather and Manuel Paquiao step into the ring on Saturday, May 2 in Las Vegas, hundreds of millions of dollars will be up for grabs.

The payout for the Fight of the Century will be split not only between Mayweather and Pauiao, but also amongst a constellation of beneficiaries, including sports betting affiliates.

Mayweather vs Paquiao is the first big-time boxing event that’s captured the public’s imagination in a very long time, and that’s great news for affiliates. If you’re looking to get a piece of this action, the time to start promoting is right now.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Focus on CPA

Marquee events like Mayweather-Paquiao draw out casual bettors who probably won’t place more than a few sports wagers in their entire lives.

This flood of newbies are prime candidates for your top CPA programs. The goal here is to get these folks signed up and deposited well ahead of fight night, and catch a boost from their very limited play.

Keep it Simple

If you’re going to target inexperienced punters – and you should – you need to give them clear instructions for making deposits and placing wagers.

This is a good opportunity to beef up your content base with some FAQs that walk new players through every step of the process. You want to be careful not to oversell these folks, just give them the basic information they need to get started.

Spread a Wide Content Net

The days leading up to marquee events like Mayweather-Paquiao are usually marked by a frenzy of related internet searches. Affiliates can cash in on this rush with content packages that go beyond deposit bonuses and other information that’s not relevant to casual players.

Focus your content on broad topics like the two fighters’ records; their top comments about one another; or even information about how much it costs to watch the fight on pay-per-view.

The key here is to pull your audience from as broad a demographic base as possible.


Mayweather vs Paquiao is great opportunity to boost your revenue ahead of the summer slowdown that hits sports betting affiliates across the world. The more appealing you can make your content, the better off you’ll be.


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