Casino affiliate conventions are a very important part of casino affiliate marketing. Every year, a handful of conferences are held to get affiliates, webmasters, and other online gaming professionals together in one location to network, learn, and create and strengthen business opportunities.




iGaming Business, a partner to, offers a wide variety of casino affiliate conventions throughout each year. These are of the greatest interest to casino affiliates because they don’t focus just on Internet gambling in general, but on casino affiliate marketing in the specific.




Foremost among these affiliate conferences is the London Affiliate Conference (LAC), held in January each year (the next London Affiliate Conference is from the 27th to the 30th of January, 2011). The LAC is one of the most anticipated of all casino affiliate marketing conferences, drawing the most high-profile guests and speakers and also showcasing each year’s iGB Affiliate Awards.




There’s also iGaming France and the iGaming SuperShow, both held in Europe, offering similar benefits to the LAC but in different venues (and thus, access to different markets). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; iGaming Business helps organize over a dozen casino conferences each year.




Each of these casino affiliate conventions features a schedule of educational sessions aimed at casino affiliate marketing newbies, as well as intermediate and advanced affiliates. Remember, Internet casinos want you to be successful, so you’ll send them more traffic. That’s why so many leading online gambling brands are happy to attend casino affiliate conventions and share important online marketing info with affiliates.




How Casino Affiliate Conventions Benefit Gambling Affiliates




So, what’s the benefit of attending these casino affiliate marketing conferences? Are they worth the time and expense it takes to get there? That’s ultimately up to you, but a well-attended casino affiliate convention can offer excellent opportunities for networking, relationship building, and general online marketing education.




For example, with iGaming Business’ casino affiliate conventions, affiliates always attend for free. That’s a powerful motivating factor that results in very high attendance rates. And that means more chances to network with actual affiliates and affiliate managers, to collaborate on business deals like linkbacks, or arrange deals where you share services like design or copywriting. These can all positively, and directly, affect your casino affiliate marketing efforts.




… But Do the Experts Really Share Their Secrets at Casino Affiliate Conventions?




True, the best affiliates and search marketers aren’t about to give up their best secrets. (Would you?) So, you’re wise to hold some healthy skepticism as to what actual value casino affiliate conventions offer.




But look at it this way: You shouldn’t expect to be given some magical gem of an affiliate marketing secret at each casino affiliate convention. It’s like the get-rich-quick mentality: It’d be nice, but it’s not realistic, and no smart business person would ever have such expectations.




On the other hand, at any given casino affiliate convention, you are going to be able to talk to a lot of affiliates about what they’re doing and how well it’s working. Do some research first; find out who you want to talk to. Then ask them the right questions: Don’t ask “what’s your secret?” Instead, try “how can we share what we know to our mutual benefit?”




While nobody wants to give up their secrets, almost anybody is interested in striking deals that’ll save them time and money. Go in with something to offer — whether it’s an online marketing strategy or access to new services or markets — and you’ll likely get something in return. That alone makes casino affiliate conventions important to many ambitious gambling affiliates.



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