People now use their cell phones for so many things that not having the ability to reach them through mobile messaging might as well mean not being able to reach them at all. Since it’s been estimated that cell phones will be the primary global connection device by 2014, it’s critical to implement mobile marketing into your business strategy if you still want to be in business in the years to come.

Here is how you can tap into the power of mobile marketing and launch your affiliate business into the new age.

The Basic Tools of Mobile Marketing

Social media networking, generating subscribers and ultimately directing traffic to your website or blog can all be executed with a mobile marketing campaign.

To get started, make sure:

  • You have been approved by your cell phone carrier for heavy text volume
  • Send out information at a day and time that’s best for users (early morning works best for mobile messaging)
  • Manage your user list and check that it’s current
  • Never use spamming words such as Free or Act Now in your texts
  • The first words of your text should be your company/brand name

Mobile Campaigns and Ads

Mobile marketing requires that messages are short, focused and easily accessible. For this reason, research indicates that mobile ads convert about five times better than Internet ads. The most common mobile ads are simple text links and display adds that are sold based on cost per clicks, cost per acquisition and cost per thousand. These ads are much like the paid search campaigns on Google, Bing or Yahoo!.

Mobile Websites

Several companies have a subdomain set up specifically for cell phones; i.e. when users type into a smartphone, the ESPN site actually figures out that they are visiting the site from a mobile device and redirects them to a subdomain. Make sure that you set up a mobile website that configures to cell phones.

Mobile Apps

The best apps are useful, informative and functional—prompting satisfied users to find out what more you have to offer. Consider providing a free version of your app and then let users decide whether or not they’re willing to invest in a premium version with more features. For example, the Angry Birds iPhone game has always offered a free version, while paid subscribers are given access to more interactive levels and options.

Did you hear about the iPad 3 yet? Looks like there’s a 2012 release date!

As a gaming affiliate, have you tapped into the power of mobile marketing? Have you created a mobile website? Do you offers apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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