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EGBA call out stern Spanish gambling ad restrictions

The European Gambling and Betting Association is calling out a Spanish ban on gambling ads that seems to favor state-run gaming operators. Will the EU land on their side? ... Read more

Spanish gambling regulators ready to end sports sponsorships and bonuses

Spanish gambling regulators are looking to put an end to operators sponsoring sports team jerseys, as well as bonus offers of all kinds. Yet another example of the coming wave of regulation in Europe. ... Read more

Spanish regulates lift COVID-19 gambling ad limits

Spanish government officials are lifting temporary advertising restrictions on gambling operators that were part of the COVID-19 lockdown. The question now is, "Did they do accomplish anything?" ... Read more

Spanish government imposes harsh new welcome bonus limits on gambling operators

Spanish gambling regulators announced a new plan for limiting welcome bonuses and otherwise mitigating problem gambling as a whole. The new policies follow an alarming trend for European gambling operators. ... Read more

Spain readies credit card ban for gambling operators

FACUA-Consumidoresen Acción, the Spanish consumer rights watchdog is readying a ban on credit card transactions for gambling operators. They're just the latest European country to crack down like this. ... Read more

Spain becomes latest Euro government to focus on gambling regulations

The government of Spain is jumping on the gambling regulation train that's sweeping across Europe and making life tough for operators. Is this a case of "too much" or "just enough"? ... Read more

Spanish operators impose new gambling ad restrictions

Spanish online gambling are voluntarily imposing a new set of advertising restrictions designed to head off harsh government restrictions. Will they be enough? ... Read more

Spain readies gambling advertisement ban

Spanish lawmakers are getting ready to implement a blanket ban on advertisements for gambling establishments and websites. Is this just a problem in search of a solution? ... Read more

Spain bans sports betting on games featuring underage players

Spanish regulators are instituting a new ban on sports betting when it involves games that are played primarily by underage athletes. The ban is part of a larger effort to combat match fixing. ... Read more

Spain Gives Online Gambling Ads the Same Treatment as Tobacco

Spanish online gambling operators are facing a new set of advertising restrictions that treats their product the same as tobacco. That's going to make life very complicated for Spanish operators. ... Read more
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