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Tag Archives: Rogue Affiliate Programs

Reformed Rogue Affiliate Programs

Shaking of the "rogue affiliate" label isn't an easy task for affiliate operators. Here are a few examples of rogues, and former rogues, and their attempts to work their way out of the dog house. ... Read more

iGaming Truth, Lies & What Really Happened

The igaming rumor mill offers a mixed bag of truth, lies and conspiracy theories worthy of an Oliver Stone film. Here are a few of the of the top stories that seemed to good-to-be true. ... Read more

iGaming's Worst Feuds

iGaming's short history has been marked by an outsized number of spectacular feuds. Here are a few of the top head-to-heads that rival the Hatfields and McCoys. ... Read more

Worst Repeat Offenders in iGaming

iGaming's repeat offenders come in many shapes and sizes, but they're all consistently sketchy. If you're looking for the companies that will take you to the cleaners over and over, you've come to the right place. ... Read more

CAP's Most Successful Email Open Rates

... Read more

Rogue Affiliates: Repeat Offender Edition

Some rogue affiliates just never seem to change their ways. Here's a few offenders that just keep on offending. ... Read more

C-Planet Troubles Reported

Affiliate partners are reporting trouble getting payments from, and even contacting with C-Planet. Unfortunately, it's not the first time affiliates have had trouble with the beleaguered operator. ... Read more

5 Reasons You Didn't Earn Money With Affiliate Programs

Not all casino affiliate programs are created equal. Here are five reasons why you didn't make money with that one pesky operator. ... Read more

Starting Your Own Casino Blog

Starting your own casino blog doesn't necessarily require a lot of technical skills, but it does require a lot of hard work. Here are the basic steps that every would-be casino blogger should know. ... Read more

Expekt Affiliate Program: What Went Wrong?

Expekt pulled one of the dirties moves most affiliates can recall when they shut down affiliate accounts and stole the players for their own. Here's how the story went down. ... Read more
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