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Duterte encourages gambling as post-pandemic revenue source

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is encouraging his countrymen to, "Go ahead and gamble," after years of encouraging the exact opposite. His country's dwindling cash reserves were the inspiration for his newfound love gambling. ... Read more

Philippines gambling report: cockfighting revenue up, lottery sales down

Gambling regulators in the Philippines are grappling with what to do about the rise of online cockfighting. This grey market activity is eating into national lottery sales. ... Read more

Philippines online gambling update: House approves online cockfighting

Regulated online gambling in the Philippines is one step closer to including online cockfighting after a crucial vote in the House of Reps. It's a desperate move to increase gambling revenue. ... Read more

Philippines bishop is not a fan of online cockfight wagering

Philippines bishop Ruperto Santos is asking the members of his flock to please refrain from wagering on, or participating in, cockfighting. It "erodes societal moral fiber" if you must know. ... Read more

PAGCOR OK's online gambling for land-based casinos

Philippine gambling regulators are opening up online gambling as an option for pandemic-wracked land-based casino offers in the country. Operators would be able to work with known patrons only. ... Read more

Philippines lawmaker challenge Duterte on POGO controversy

A Philippines senator is directly challenging President Rodrigo Duterte on the POGOs controversy and their role in money laundering. It was a rare public rebuke for the supreme leader. ... Read more

Duterte threatens to 'slap' tax tardy online gambling operators

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is threatening to "slap" or "shoot" any online gambling operators who don't settle up their tax bills. It's hard to tell whether or not he's joking. ... Read more

Philippines online gambling employs 14,000 undocumented workers

As many as 14,000 undocumented foreign workers could be currently employed in the Philippines in the online gambling business. This situation is the eye of a raging debate in the country over the business. ... Read more

Philippines gambling employee tax aimed at unregulated operators

A new tax on online gambling employees in the Philippines is actually aimed at tracking down illegal Chinese immigrants. It's also set to raise $39 million a month. ... Read more

Duterte says take it easy on Chinese gambling workers

Philippine President Duterte Rodrigo told his countrymen to take it easy on Chinese gambling workers who are in the country illegally. It was a rare moment of restraint from the strong man. ... Read more
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