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Irish lawmakers consider gambling ad ban

Lawmakers from the Irish Labour Party are putting forward a bill that would ban almost every form of gambling advertising in the country. It's a radical idea that, hopefully, won't have enough support to pass into law. ... Read more

Survey says: the people of Northern Ireland want online gambling

If the people of Northern Ireland have any say in the matter, online gambling will be perfectly legal and acceptable as soon as possible. They'd also like to be able to gamble on Sundays. ... Read more

Northern Ireland discusses public gambling ad ban (and the public supports it)

The government of Northern Ireland is seriously discussing the implementation of a complete ban on public-facing gambling advertisements. It's a proposition that the NI public support. ... Read more

24 hours into re-opening Ireland's bookmaker biz shuts back down

The luck of the Irish was not with Irish bookmakers this week as they wound up shutting down just 2 hours after their lockdown reopening. Turns out someone got their signals crossed. ... Read more

Irish bookmakers shut down to mitigate Covid-19 spread

rish bookmakers are taking one for the team as they voluntarily suspend operations until March 29 to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. But there aren't many sport to wager on anyways. ... Read more

Ireland proposes new, higher limits for gaming machines

Irish lawmakers are looking at a new plan that would raise the maximum stakes and payouts on gaming machines across the country. This is the opposite of what most countries are currently doing. ... Read more

Irish lawmakers aim for lottery betting ban

Irish lawmakers are increasingly warming up to the idea of a ban on lottery wagering like the one that was recently imposed on Australia. Irish bookmakers aren't sure that's such a great idea. ... Read more

Ireland eyeballs new regulatory authority for gambling

Lawmakers in Ireland are busy at work creating a new regulatory commission to oversee the nation's gambling industry. But don't look for the new body anytime soon. ... Read more

New report supports Irish digital lottery operators

A new report from the University College Dublin suggests that a digital lottery is not a "meaningful threat" to national lotteries. Will this buy digital lottery operators some breathing room? ... Read more

Irish Sports Betting World Prepares for Tax Apocalypse

Irish bookmakers are preparing for a set of new tax regulations that they say will be the end of the world for their businesses. Regulators say the changes are long overdue. ... Read more
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