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Add a Dose of Credibility to Your Site to Boost Google Page Rankings

Credibility is an incredibly important factor when it comes to grabbing those top page rankings and earning it is easier than you think. Here are a few tips for boosting your credibility with Google search bots. ... Read more

How Worried Should You Be About Google Updates?

Google updates like Penguin, Fred and Pigeon can change your entire business overnight, but are they really that big of a deal? Here's everything you need to know about the ever-changing world of Google updates. ... Read more

Why Google Won't Index Your Pages

When Google won't index your pages, you've got a problem. Fortunately, we've got some great solutions right here. ... Read more

End of an SEO Era: Matt Cutts Resigns from Google

Matt Cutts, the most powerful man in the SEO world, has officially resigned from Google, marking the end of the SEO-era. ... Read more

Yahoo! and Google Team Up on Search Deal

Google and Yahoo! are teaming up together in an advertising and search results deal. It's not the first time the search business has made for strange bedfellows. ... Read more

This Time, SEO Might Actually Be Dead

The SEO death watch has been going on almost as long there's even been an SEO industry but this time, something's different. It looks like Google has put SEO to rest once and for all. ... Read more

Google Cracking Down on Webmaster Guideline Violators

Google is coming down hard on sites that repeatedly violate their Webmaster Guidelines. Punishments for violators are said to be swift and severe. ... Read more

Is Your Web Content Worthy of a Top Page Rank?

Is your site producing rank-worthy content? If it's not, you might want to retool your entire plan. ... Read more

Google Traffic to Wikipedia is Definitely on the Skids

Google is sending a lot less traffic to Wikipedia than it did just a few months ago. But, believe it or not, Wikipedia isn't all that concerned about the drop. ... Read more

Google Becomes Alphabet (But Search Remains the Same)

Google is changing its name to Alphabet as part of a major restructuring. That said, search operations won't be impacted and most folks will still refer to it as, "Google." ... Read more
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