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Tag Archives: Google Penguin

Yahoo! and Google Team Up on Search Deal

Google and Yahoo! are teaming up together in an advertising and search results deal. It's not the first time the search business has made for strange bedfellows. ... Read more

This Time, SEO Might Actually Be Dead

The SEO death watch has been going on almost as long there's even been an SEO industry but this time, something's different. It looks like Google has put SEO to rest once and for all. ... Read more

Would Your Site Still Rank Without SEO?

If you didn't apply SEO of any kind, would your site still be successful? Here's a few reasons why everything could be all right, without optimization. ... Read more

Google Panda Update On its Way...Penguin Updates Will Never Stop

Google is coming at the SEO world with a powerful 1-2 combo. What do you think about a new Panda update and a never ending Penguin update? ... Read more

Why is Google Flip-Flopping on Penguin & Panda Updates?

Google hasn't exactly been talking straight when it comes to Penguin and Panda updates. Why can't they just give SEOs a break? ... Read more

Google Advice: Avoid Link Building

Google's John Mueller recently said he'd, "Avoid link building," as an SEO technique. Is this really the end of link building? ... Read more

January 2014 SEO & Google Update

Google is still pushing updates and, most of the time, still not talking about them. Here are a few headlines from the SEO world you might have missed last month. ... Read more

SEO Topics That Need to Die

Over and over again ... the same topics keep sprouting up in the SEO industry. And that's especially true if you're looking for any sort of beginner advice. There's literally no end to this craze. ... Read more

Is It the End of an Era?

Over the recent years, we've seen a lot of things happening in the SEO space. Namely, we've had to deal with two main algorithm updates - Panda and Penguin - and their next iterations. ... Read more

Google Updates: A Look Back at 2014

Google updates were surprisingly kind to igaming affiliates in 2014. Here's a look back at the updates that had the SEO world up in arms last year. ... Read more
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