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Is Nick Xenophon Chilling Out When it Comes to Gambling?

Nick Xenophon has long been gambling's biggest enemy in Australia, but is the old fighter softening his stance as he gets older? Or does he just feel like he's done enough damage? ... Read more

Tasmanian Liberals Stand Up as Pokie Protection Party

As election time looms, the Tasmanian Liberal Party is taking a firm stand on protecting pokies throughout the state. What they won't stand for, however, is the current pokie monopoly. ... Read more

Did NSW Government Cover Up Negative Gambling Report?

Critics are accusing government officials in New South Wales of covering up a report that exposed the negative impact of gambling. The report blasts features that are common to pokies. ... Read more

Tasmania Declares War on Pokies

The Tasmanian Labor Party is dead set on removing pokies from public places by 2023 and when they say, "all," they mean every one of them. And they say that 80 percent of Tasmanians support their decision. ... Read more

Ladbrokes Loses Australian Advertising Battle

An Australian judge refused to throw out fines doled out to Ladbrokes for violating NSW advertising standards prohibiting inducing gambling. It's just the latest example of how challenging operating in the Aussie market can be. ... Read more

Australian Regulators Taking a Closer Look at Loot Boxes as Gambling

The worldwide controversy over whether video game loot boxes constitute a form of gambling has reached the shores of Australia. Will this be the next big controversy Down Under? ... Read more

Lottoland Gets the Boot in Australia's Northern Territory

Lottoland is getting the boot in Australia's Northern Territory in a move that's good news for Aussies newspaper vendors. The question now is whether or not other territories will follow NT's lead. ... Read more

Lottoland Faces New Restrictions in New South Wales

Lottoland is looking at new restrictions in New South Wales where officials have referred to the company as a "synthetic lottery." Will the rest of Australia follow suit? ... Read more

Sportsbet Criticized for Offering Odds on Aussie Gay Marriage Vote

Sportsbet is being criticized for offering odds on the outcome of the controversial Australian vote on legalizing gay marriage. Turns out, there is such a thing as bad publicity. ... Read more

Lottoland CEO Embraces Controversy...and Insurance

Lottoland CEO Nigel Barrell is embracing both the controversy surrounding his business, as well as his foray into the insurance business. He's proving once again that there's no such thing as bad publicity. ... Read more
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