Sweden’s recently expanded online gambling sector has moved very quickly…to wear out its welcome with the Swedish people. That’s the takeaway from a recent survey that points to the fact that more than half of all Swedes support an outright ban advertising by gambling operators.

The survey is just latest piece of bad news that suggests Sweden’s recently licensed operators are not exactly winning over the Swedish people and could be facing significantly increased regulation from the Swedish government.

So how badly do the Swedes want to reign in online gambling ads? According to the survey, approximately 53 percent of adults in that country think gambling ads should not be aired at all. A further 30 percent of those surveyed agree partially with that statement. With approximately 80 percent of Swedes on board with an ad ban, life could be very challenging for the marketing departments of Swedish-facing operators.

So what does the Swedish gambling industry think about the survey? According to a report on CalvinAyre.com, they sort of agree with the people. Jenny Nilzon, CEO of the Swedish Gambling Association (SPER) says she gets the frustration with the blizzard of advertising, but adds that that’s how free markets work saying, “…free competition means that you must be able to market your goods and services.”

While a free marketplace definitely involves marketing your product to potential customers, it’s pretty clear that the Swedish online gambling industry has overplayed its hand with the Swedish people. If they don’t tone things down on their own, they’re facing a regulatory firestorm that will make doing business in that country a major challenge.


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