Trust is something that really matters when a player logs on to an online gambling site or a land-based casino. When that player puts money down on a wager of any kind, he or she wants to know that everything is on the up and up. That’s why the results of recent survey from the Swedish Quality Index (SKI) should serve as a red flag for Sweden-facing gambling operators.

The most recent SKI survey, which measures customer satisfaction and trust, was not kind to the gambling companies that are currently serving the Swedish market. According to results recently published on, a whopping 58 percent of Swedes hold a negative view of the gambling industry.

That number stands in stark contrast to the 25 percent who see the industry in a positive light and the 17 percent who see it in a very positive light.

These numbers should send up a red flag to the gambling industry and something of a shock to SKI CEO Johan Parmler who said, “we have not seen similar figures in any other industry or community sector during the 30 years we have been operating. You ask yourself how long the gaming industry can continue (in its current state).”

Interestingly enough, the Swedish government has been enacting a whole series of laws that liberalize the local and internet gambling markets in the country, but their citizens don’t know much about them. A full 77 percent of respondents did not know about the recent, and massive, changes to the Swedish gambling market.

Swedish Gambling Association CEO Jenny Nilzon summed up the situation quite succinctly saying, “We have a reputation that is not long-term sustainable.”


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