Remember back in the old days when most Americans thought gambling was a bit immoral and seedy? Well, those days are gone forever according to a recent Gallup Poll.

The survey takers chatted with Americans recently and found that 71 percent of them thought gambling was “morally acceptable.” That’s the highest percentage of Americans holding that opinion since the survey started in 2003. Only a mere 27 of Americans though gambling was “morally wrong.”

Perhaps it’s the spread of regulated sports and it’s half-brother fantasy football that’s softened up Americans’ views toward the dark art of gambling. The last time they took this same survey, back in 2019 only 67 percent of Americans thought gambling was immoral.

Not surprisingly, men approve of gambling more than women. According to Gallup 72 percent of men were ok with gambling while only 69 percent of women were. Based on long-term industry trends, most of those women would be prime targets for slot machine marketing.

More surprising was a stark gap between how various racial groups on the subject gambling and morality. They found that only about 60 percent of those identified as “non-white” thought gambling was morally acceptable while a whopping 76 percent of those identified as “white” thought it was. And when it comes to politics, the famously split Americans diverge with 76 percent of Democrats having no problem with gambling while only 69 percent of Republican shared that view.

There’s no question that gambling is is becoming entrenched in American culture as it already is in Europe. With the spread of regulated sports betting, there’s little doubt that the next survey will find even more Americans approving of gambling.


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