The Super Bowl is one of the craziest times for gaming and gambling in the United States. This year will be no exception and CAP recommends that affiliates in all sectors of the gaming industry prepare for this event as best as they can. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only those in sports betting who will make big bucks during this season, but all gaming affiliates can get a piece of the cake by capitalizing on the Super Bowl in the right way and using effective methods.

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If you have ever had the opportunity of experiencing the Super Bowl craze up close, you probably know that what you are dealing with is a bunch of wild apes going nuts over some bigger, sweaty apes with very muscular bodies and tight pants violently clashing against each other, pursuing to score something with a so-called football. If you haven’t experienced the Super Bowl up close, then I guess we just said everything there is to it so you can get an idea. However, we don’t think that everyone is aware of how big of a deal this event is: it is an official national holiday in the US and it is the second largest day for US food consumption after Thanksgiving (and that’s a lot!).

This means that the Super Bowl fever will expand to all corners of the world, including your website, regardless if you are into promoting poker, sports betting or casinos. Now, let us tell you how you can make the most of your business at this time.

Sports Betting Affiliates: You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

If you are a sports betting affiliate in the US market you are probably already prepared to face one of the busiest times of the year for your business, we trust that you are. (If you are not ready yet, you really should get onto that right now. Seriously. Stop reading now. Go!). Gamblers will be investing loads of dollars into betting on which team is going to win the Super Bowl this year, on which player will get injured and even on how messed up the national anthem will sound in this edition. This means that you should not be wasting any time as not only will you profit a lot from the money your players gamble, but some sportsbooks offer extra bonuses for active affiliates at this time.

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Casino and Poker Affiliates: There’s Hope For You, Kind Of

If you are a casino or a poker affiliate facing the US market, I’m sorry to announce that the most hideous time of the year again. This is that terrible time when all your loyal gamblers will get out of control and leave you aside for sports betting, or perhaps just for watching the game on TV. Do not despair! There are still a few things you can do to kick off the business at this time:

  • Promote casinos with Super Bowl-related games (Super Bowl-themed slot machines, Super Bowl decorated Blackjack, etc).
  • Let your players know that your website and the sites you promote share the Super Bowl spirit at this time and celebrate/mourn with them when the game ends.
  • Try to close deals on promotions that give Super Bowl-related prizes. (Poker and casino sites often offer season tickets, autographed uniforms, footballs and photos, etc. so try to get a hold of them for your players.) In case you missed it, check out why your players love bonuses.
  • Start threads on your forums to discuss the Super Bowl details, from who will sing the national anthem to who the winner will be and passing through the nicest choice of uniform between the teams.
  • Make sure your software is up-to-date and can meet the needs of your sports betting audience.


If none of those tricks work, just remember: this madness won’t go beyond February 5!

Did you get a hold of some prizes for your players yet? Who are you putting your bet on? Share the Super Bowl spirit with other affiliates at CAP.


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