What’s the best premium for converting mobile players? According to a new study from Commercial Intelligence, as reported on in EGR Mobile, deposit bonuses and free money pots are the top attraction for smartphone and tablet based gamblers.

The study, which queried more than 2,000 mobile gamblers across the U.K. last July and asked them what was the biggest factor in their decision to download a mobile gambling app.

According to Commercial Intelligence, around 35% of all mobile gambling app downloads were heavily influenced by a deposit bonus offers. Of that number, a full 20% said that deposit offers were the deciding factor when it came time to actually download a mobile gambling app.

Coming in right behind deposit bonuses were free money pots, which influenced around 34% of all mobile gamblers.  In fourth place were loyalty bonuses, which only influenced 28% of download decisions.

So what are the least effective conversion tools? Commercial Intelligence says that a mere 14% of mobile downloads were influenced by offers of cash back on losses. (Perhaps the high-stakes crowd, for whom those sorts of offers are really aimed at, aren’t dropping big dollars on mobile gambling, yet.)

Free tournament rolls were least attractive option for mobile-minded gamblers and influenced just 11% of download decisions. (This also seems like a niche premium that’s more attractive to serious players than it is to your average UK punter.)

Understanding what kinds of premiums and offers convert mobile players is a very important piece of a bigger, more detailed, demographic profile that all casino affiliates should be building of their player base.

The study’s authors agree saying, “Understanding players’ behaviour, their perception towards operators and what influences them to play with one brand versus another is to key to shape mobile strategy.”

Going Mobile

Practically every operator that’s embraced mobile casino or sports betting has seen a serious revenue boost as a result. Last summer, William Hill reported a 20% revenue boost that came mainly from mobile players.

In New Jersey, where online gambling is just taking off, mobile gaming is already a big part of the market.

In a recent interview with Philly.com, Golden Nugget VP of online gambling, Thomas Winter said mobile devices were expected to pull in around 20% of the company’s revenue in 2014 and 50% of the take by 2017.

The mobile revolution is turning out to be one of those rare instances when an internet trend actually lives up to the hype surrounding it.


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