It is no secret that most Asian countries hold an intense culture of gambling. The activity is a socially accepted practice at home and at social events, and among a wide age group. This is one of the main reasons why the Asian gaming market is the talk of the town among affiliates, and interest in entering this market continues to rise. However, not many affiliates know the type of strategy they need to use in order to overcome the challenges of the Asian gaming market and to succeed as an online casino affiliate.

Perhaps the hardest part of this venture is to enter the market, meaning that you would compete with local affiliates and other companies already operating in this market and successfully find a market niche for yourself in which you can profit. Even though this may sound really hard, considering the language barrier and the cultural challenges (which we already approached when looking into Japan, there are some strategies that casino affiliates can implement to be better at it.

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Strategy #1: Market Your Product to Asia

Casino affiliates may be used to marketing casinos to their local audience, and Asia involves an entirely alien community of gamblers with different tastes and preferences. You should do your own research on how to market your website to the specific country you wish to enter, and we hope to provide more information about entering each Asian country in the near future, but a general tip is to market your product in a foreign way.

Most casino affiliates visiting CAP are foreign to Asia, and probably know little about marketing and advertising in the region (if you think you know about it please look at the video below, if it seems normal then congrats, you totally get it. If it doesn’t look normal, don’t worry, just keep on reading.)

Check out some Asian commercials. Figure out what your target markets are into!

Your main tool to enter the Asian market is not designing crazy ads, but instead to market the fact that you represent a foreign company, that you are familiar with a community of foreign gamblers, and that these two things are of extremely high quality. Market your casinos as the next best thing invented since sliced bread and your knowledge as wise and experienced. This will appeal to traditional Asian values at the same time as it will sell what is new and attractive about what your site offers.

Strategy #2: Know Your Strengths and Sell Them

When entering the Asian market you should consider that local casinos and companies are gurus of animation and that you could have a hard time competing with the quality of games. This doesn’t matter at this point; when you are entering a new market what matters is that you compete focusing on your strengths. Find your site’s strengths and your strengths as a knowledgeable affiliate with experience in this industry and market that. The first steps are to make a place for you in this market and gain some people’s attention.

It is also important for casino affiliates to realize that what may be their top strength in the European or American market, might not be so appealing for the Asian audience and that adjustments will need to be made.

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Strategy #3: Research, Research, Research

I know I suggest doing research in my articles way too often, but that is because I believe it is very effective. Once you have made a place for your site in the Asian market using your strengths, you will still need to deal with your weaknesses and adjust to the local taste to not lose any credibility. The research I suggest in this case is for you to get more knowledge on what type of games and bonuses Asian players are interested in, so that you can be selective about the casinos and promotions you take with you into this venture. It is also important that you get an insight into the culture you are making business with so you know how to close deals and how to be appealing to Asian players.

Did you find this information helpful? Do you think it is worth the effort entering the Asian gaming market? Share your thoughts at CAP, we are here to help and listen!

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