Facebook advertising is a very intriguing option for casino affiliates who are looking to target specific geographic areas and demographic segments.

Social advertising, however, is a different animal from traditional web advertising and the strategies and tactics that you’ve used successfully in the past may not play in the social space.

For starters, Facebook users are absolutely bombarded with information when they visit the site to view pictures of their friends’ children or post up the latest, What Kind of Harry Potter Villain Are You? quiz.

Facebook officials recently said that the average visitor could, potentially, see as many as 1,500 items each and every time they log on to their account. Fortunately, Facebook algorithms narrow that number down to more manageable 300 items.

With this much content in motion, the decision to go with static or dynamic Facebook advertising all the more important. In a recent posting on Nanigans.com, writer Juliana Casale tackled the pros and cons of dynamic and statics Facebook advertising. Here are a few of her top tips.

Static Advertising

Getting lost in the avalanche of Facebook postings is pretty easy, which is why static Facebook ads need to be particularly compelling, and content-oriented. That means your advertising should actually blend in with the end-user’s news feed.

For example, seasonal events like Mother’s Day, the Super Bowl and the Olympics are always fodder for Facebook posts. Building out your advertising based around these subjects is an excellent way of catching you reader’s attention.

Casale also suggests incorporating the kinds of images you already know are popular on Facebook postings, such as children, animals, and eye-catching photos in your static ads.

Dynamic Facebook Advertising

Dynamic advertising, such as full-length advertisements, comedy sketches and other potentially viral content, can be a very effective tool for catching the eye of jaded internet surfers.

Unfortunately, creating content like this is also an incredibly time consuming and expensive endeavor.

To avoid a costly flop, Casale urges would-be video producers to really do their homework before committing to a dynamic advertising campaign. Specifically, she recommends doing a little focus group work to make certain your intended audience even cares about videos in the first place.

If your target market is primed, most sources agree that humorous videos under two minutes are the best bets for dynamic Facebook advertising campaigns. And to get the most for your money, stick with evergreen topics that won’t seem dated in just a few weeks.


Whether you choose dynamic or static ads, Facebook advertising is not something you can put on autopilot for any length of time. Remember, 64% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, so you’ll need to have a pretty big inventory of ads no matter what format you choose.

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