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Football and poker go together like fast cars and women — men like to play with them both. Now that pigskins have robustly filled the air, sportsbook affiliate webmasters have begun gearing up for the next five months of gridiron action — which can often generate a majority of their yearly revenue. Wondering how you can get in on the most bet-on sport in North America?  
The beauty of online gaming affiliate marketing is that you can pick and choose which events you want to promote, and how many you elect to promote at a time. One of the most profitable methods used by casino "super" affiliates is creating sticky sites that retain traffic, promoting not only casinos and products, but also football betting content to entice casino players to get their game on at both the tables and gridiron.
"The demand from sportsbook affiliates becomes so high, we have to add staff just to accommodate the new affiliate requests during the football months," BetUS Casino Affiliate Manager Erin Argue states.
During this time of the season, casino-based sites or portals stimulate traffic by adding banners directing football-minded gamblers to sites offering online sports betting tools. This is a great incentive, as are tools such as RSS feed systems (featuring expert articles, ATS stats and trends, predictions and more), line-readers, parlay calculators, and of course, all the many other traditional sports handicapping tools that can be used as your trump card to get sign-ups from casino gamblers ready to put on the pads and helmet.
The bottom line: The higher the traffic and longer the stay on your site or portal, the greater your chances of bringing aboard new clients — which, of course, means an increase in revenue. Features affiliate gurus use to generate traffic, and to keep them on their sites for longer — and coming back time and again — are gambling forums, polls on high-profiled topics, current and informative content revolving around the gaming business world and blogs, which has exploded in popularity and flops opens the door for topics ranging from the river to the end zone.  
Gamblers are accustomed to immediate results, so often casino gamers trying their hand at affiliate marketing in the sports world often fold too soon if they don't see results in a hurry. But remember: While becoming a "super" affiliate may not happen overnight, taking advantage of football season will help you score faster and more abundantly. So, the next several months are the perfect time to ramp up your revenues, because football is the sport to get bettors reaching deep in their pockets.
What are the most frequently asked questions from affiliate marketers? Ms. Argue answers without hesitation: "It's almost always, what's the most basic and best ways to become successful? And is there a 'prime time' to make money in the business?"
She went on to say, "I tell them to stay motivated and dedicated because success will happen if you make it. And by far, football season is the most anticipated time of the year by casino affiliates as they understand the incredible handle involved and large number of casino players looking for good sportsbooks."
To build revenue on your current casino affiliate partnership, use football season and the large collection of marketing tools, because this is the time of the year bettors are searching for the sportsbooks that have everything they need. And at your next card party, poker tournament, or casino gathering, remind your like-minded casino mates that close friends and founding fathers of the NFL, Art Rooney and Tim Mara, were gamblers and loved poker.
In 1936, Rooney turned two prescient days at a racetrack and casino into $300,000 and bought the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 1925, Mara, a bookmaker and poker player, paid $500 for the New York Giants with money won at the tables.

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