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Promoting Sports-Betting Providers

Before promoting a sports-betting operator, refer to the master resource Sports Book Review (SBR). SBR is the definitive guide to online bookies. They keep close tabs on rogue or irreputable programs in order to help steer their readers towards reputable outfits.

Unfortunately, shady online sports-book operations are plentiful. Do not promote these places. Remember, an operator who will stiff over players by failing to process cashouts or committing other deceitful tactics probably have a higher than average likelihood of dishonoring affiliates as well. It’s best for the entire industry to shun these sports-books in hopes that they die off.

Keep regular tabs on the SBR master list. They keep their grades of sports-books maintained very well based on latest industry news and player feedback. Occasionally information will surface to discredit a formerly reputable site. Conversely, there have been cases where a site that once received a poor grade from SBR has their reputation restored due to personnel changes or other efforts to gain legitimacy.

Regarding promoting sports-betting in the U.S., it’s best to remember that no matter how honest an operators intentions, there is still a reasonable likelihood that they will encounter payment processing hurdles that make it difficult for them to pay their American players. An honest affiliate would inform their American players that if they choose to deposit to an online sports-book, they are taking on a certain risk that U.S. government actions could render it impossible for them to access their funds.

Read why in preparing for U.S. regulation affiliates would be wise to avoid promoting in unregulated U.S. market.

Sports-books that do not accept American players can be viewed as generally safer for customers in the rest of the world. Bettors in non-U.S. regions should appreciate doing business with a sports-book that does not expose themselves to potential operating difficulties as a result of having done business illegally in the U.S.

The following are some CAP-approved sports-betting operators worth promoting (with their current SBR grade in parenthesis):

A good rule of thumb for promoting online sports-betting is to stick with the major players in the iGaming industry. Will Hill, Betfair, bet365, and Ladbrokes are all examples of trusted operators with strong brand-familiarity among players that offer a great sports-book service.

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