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Sports Affiliate Marketing: Your Plan for Success

By now, you should have a basic understanding of what sports betting is and where the general opportunities lie. Let’s discuss how you can succeed with sports betting as an affiliate marketer.

As with most affiliate marketing niches, the key is to drill down to uncover untapped sub-niches with hungry consumers and low competition. The first thing to do is create highly specific keyword phrases- the overused “sports betting” phrase isn’t going to cut it in a saturated market.

Instead, we’ve got to drill down, and when it comes to sports affiliate marketing, this means a few different things:

  • Sporting events – Depending on the sport and the event you choose to target, there are plenty of sporting events that generate enough interest on their own to represent a substantial income in sports betting commissions.
  • Sports teams - Sports fans tend to be quite loyal to their chosen teams, which creates a great opportunity for a branded site that’s dedicated to betting on their upcoming games.
  • Colleges and Universities – The interesting part of targeting colleges and universities with your sports betting affiliate website is that fans tend to bet across multiple different sports. For example, if you’ve got a rabid Ohio State University football fan, odds are that with a little prompting, that fan will go on to bet on basketball, hockey and other sporting events as well.

Choosing a sports betting niche to target is only half the battle – your next big hurdle will be building a website that attracts your ideal visitors and converts them into bettors.

To learn more about how to structure your sports betting affiliate website for success, be sure to check out CAP’s article titled, “Tips for Success in the Online Sports Betting Business.”

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