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Types of Sports Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are typically two main types of sports betting affiliate marketing programs – sportsbooks and betting exchanges.

Sportsbooks are the more traditional approach to sports gambling. Users make their bets with the sportsbook, which takes a small commission in exchange for access to betting opportunities on a wide range of sporting events.

Currently, Bodog, BetUS, and Twinspires serve the US sportsbook market and provide access to betting on both college-level and pro sporting events.

Betting exchanges, on the other hand, provide a forum through which bettors can exchange bets directly with one another without an external service like a sportsbook. The “house,” in these cases, is not involved with the bets but does receive a small commission off the winner’s net gains in successful bets.

Currently, sportsbooks represent the more prominent opportunity for sports betting affiliates (there are nearly 180 operating online today!), as they’re more widely accepted and accessible to the U.S. market.

To find a list of sportsbook programs that reach your target market, check out the CAP Sportsbook Affiliate Programs page.

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