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Understanding Sports Affiliate Marketing Terminology

Before you can start choosing sports affiliate programs or figuring out how to market this group, it’s important to understand some of the terminology used in this unique business opportunity.

Let’s review a few key terms here:

Point Spread – The estimated difference between the winner’s and loser’s final score in a sporting event. For example, if the odds on a future Patriots-Steelers game have the Patriots winning by 7 points, the points spread would be represented by a -7 for the Patriots and a +7 for the Steelers.

Money Line -Sports bettors can also choose to wager based on the money line. Understanding this concept is a little trickier if you haven’t been exposed to sports betting terminology before. Continuing with our previous example, say the odds on our future matchup are listed as:

Patriots: -7, -125
Steelers: +7, +115

In this example, the first number represents the point spread, as described above and the second represents the money line. Someone betting for the Patriots to win will need to risk $125 in order to win $100; while someone rooting for the underdog Steelers will risk $100 in order to win $115 if the Steelers pull through.

(To be clear, the money line represents a specific payout/risk ratio which can be applied to bets in any amount. It isn’t necessary to risk the exact amounts specified by the money line in order to bet on a sporting event.)


For more sports betting terminology – including the definitions of “prop bets”, “parlays”, “if bets” and more – check out CAP’sSports Betting Overview article.

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