Are you a poker affiliate? Are you looking for a way to attract new players while keeping your profit as high as possible? If so, you should consider “split pot” games and why these are attractive to players.

In some cases, it is necessary for the pot to be split or divided among multiple players. This happens when multiple players tie for a hand. Along with this, there are also variations of the game in which split pot is intentional – high low split poker is one of the most common.

Although splitting a pot is self explanatory, there are some situations in which decisions have to be made. For example, after splitting there may be a single chip (or more) remaining. How is this chip awarded? The answer to this question is based on the variation being played or the rules agreed upon before starting.

If playing high-low, in which the pot is divided between the high and low hand, the odd chip always goes to the player with the highest hand. In other variations, an odd chip can be left behind and added to the ante for the next hand.

Important to Affiliates?

All of these details are important if you are a poker player. However, affiliates don’t need to focus so much on the rules. Instead, they need to decide what players want so they can position their content and offers accordingly.

Split pot poker games are growing in popularity. In short, it gives more than one player the chance to win – and this is something that most players are attracted to.

As you promote online poker services, “talk up” the fact that split pot variations are offered. Of course, you want to explain why this is a benefit and how it can potentially help the player win more money, more often.

As an online poker affiliate, you have to look for ways to set yourself apart. Why not become the foremost authority on split pot games? By sharing this knowledge and explaining the benefits, you may be able to increase conversions and subsequent revenue.

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