Spanish SEO Tips for Casino Affiliates: For those affiliates who cater to the Spanish speaking audience, you need to know this demographic is extremely diverse and there is also the need for effective translators and assistants who are fluent in the language.

Online Gambling Regulation in Spain: As an affiliate operating in Spain, Judd Muir has closely followed the Spanish legal situation as it unfolded over the last year. Find out what he learned.

Social Media Tips for Latin and South America: Latin and South America are booming iGaming markets and good iGaming affiliates should know the ins and outs of attracting such a profitable audience. Let’s start with utilizing social media.

Maximiliano De Muro Interview: Famed South American affiliate marketer Maximiliano de Muro shares his advice for new affiliates, what he’s up to now and the craziest thing he’s ever tested.

Latin and South American Success Stories: Here’s a roundup of some Latin and South American affiliate sites that have succeeded in the markets there.

Opportunities for Latin American Affiliates: Maximiliano de Muro explains that the key to properly entering the Latin & South American Internet gambling markets is to ensure you understand some of the basic factors at stake. Here, he outlines what they are.

Create More Player Conversions in Latin America: Converting Latin American players is one of the biggest challenges casino affiliates face. Find the tools that will help you be more effective in this market.

Online Gambling Issues in Latin America: There’s no shortage of players in South America, but how do you capture them? This article takes a look at the challenges in these markets.


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