Online poker room has announced the launch of version 2.04. The updates to its poker software are expected to make the site both faster and easier to navigate.

The improvements mean a faster hands-per-hour rate — great for all players, particularly for heads-up players and short-handed tables in particular.

“The most obvious improvement is a faster hands per hour rate, meaning there are now less pauses between hands with animations running simultaneously alongside shuffling and dealing, ensuring that hands are dealt at a faster rate,” writes Rebecca McAdam at

16 new player voices and eight new dealer voices have also been added in the latest update.

PKR has also added a new 3D blackjack casino game, just a few months after it released a 3D roulette game. 

“In-game voices have also had a total overhaul with 16 new player voices and eight new dealer voices added to the game,” writes Simon Jones at PokerNews UK. “The process of re-editing the existing voices saw a host of different actor’s record over 25,000 lines of dialogue.”

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