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Target Your Audience

What you are going to promote really depends on the social network you want to push it on. Let’s face it the Google Plus crowd and the Pinterest crowd are not going to be made up of the same sorts of people this really needs to be taken into account. Really research where you’re pushing something too before just stabbing in the dark on Pinterest a cute photoshopped picture of the Andrex puppy playing bingo. It may go down great, but possibly not so much for the more techy crowd of Google Plus. You also need to take into account peak times of usage. In my experience, social campaigns don’t tend to kick off too well on a Sunday. Friday afternoons, however, are brilliant.

Be Seasonal

If there is an event coming up, exploit it. Getting in on the back of a trending topic can boost a social campaign from successful as an SEO top up to viral in its own right. This is a little more difficult and will require some hard work, good timing and a little bit of luck. When it comes to predicting what will be trending you can almost guarantee that certain days will trend things like St. George’s Day, Easter, April Fool’s Day etc. So theme your social campaign around these. This works particularly well for images.

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