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It should be noted that right from the off certain niches in the gambling sector will not have to resort to these sort of tactics and will probably be able to generate social mentions a lot more easily than others, most predominantly Sportsbook.

When it comes to link building, I always tell people to tie their link building together with peaks in social interest. However, what if you don’t have a large social profile and nobody is really that interested in what you have to say, then what?


Competitions are possibly the easiest way to generate high volumes of social mentions in a very short time, sure you will get a few rubbish accounts that have only been set up for comping, but in amongst that you will get a lot of great mentions. More often than not if you have a half decent prize, then you can look to get around a few thousand social mentions drummed up from this if you promote it right.

When it comes to promoting this sort of thing use the competition forums, if you’re in the UK market, and (the latter won’t accept bingo affiliates) will do half of the work for you. Just be warned they can be a little funny with spam and gambling, so be careful when submitting to get it all right. The idea of these competitions is usually that you want the entrants to Tweet/Like/+1 the page that the competition is on, thus generating the buzz (still struggling to get great results on Google Plus with this). Generally when I do these I try to capture the emails as well, this does lower your entrant rate at 1st, but the value of those emails next time you do a competition outweighs the loss.

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