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Does Twitter Owe Affiliates Some Cash?

... Read more

The Truth About Facebook Video Ads

Video ads are this new thing that everyone's been talking about lately. Video ads on Facebook that is. Facebook is expected to introduce these new advertising opportunities at any day now. ... Read more

Top Social Games & Casinos

Social casinos are experiencing massive growth and casino affiliates are definitely getting in on the action. Here are a few of the top social casinos that offer affiliate great conversion rates. ... Read more

Why Works for iGaming Affiliates

One of the services that’s worth taking a look at right now is Although it does get a lot of bad press recently, it’s still an interesting marketplace to be in as an iGaming affiliate. ... Read more

Facebook to Feature Quality Content

Facebook is adjusting its algorithms to reward quality content. The bigger problem is narrowing in on a definition of quality. ... Read more

Groupon Unveils Global Affiliate Network

Groupon is bringing its affiliate network in house to help streamline costs and increase efficiency. The new Groupon Partner Network will be available in 34 countries. ... Read more

4 Things You Probably Didn't Know are "Illegal" on Facebook

Facebook marketing is becoming more and more crucial for affiliate businesses in many verticals as we speak. This is a well-known fact, but some things are not always as straightforward as they first seem. ... Read more

Why Zynga Couldn't Make It

Zynga was once the king of social gaming, but its fortunes have been falling fast. So what happened to the company that was once unbeatable? ... Read more

How To Get Your Website Hosted on Facebook in 5 Minutes

Having your site syndicated to Facebook is one of the possible Facebook promotion methods, even though it won't give you any magic-bullet-type results on its own. ... Read more

Online Reputation Managment - What You Need to Know

Online reputation management is an often overlooked, but incredibly important, aspect of doing business on the Web. Here's what you need to know if you do give a damn about your bad reputation. ... Read more
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