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Google+ Marketing Tips

Just a couple of months age Google+ was like a desert. No one had an account there except for the early adopters. And people were not that convinced about using the new +1 buttons either. ... Read more

Social Media Marketing for Gaming Affiliates

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are powerful, and cheap, marketing tools for gaming affiliates but they can't be used on auto-pilot. ... Read more

LinkedIn Security Advice

LinkedIn is a great tool for hacker as long its users continue ignoring the basic rules of Internet safety. ... Read more

Zynga, Facebook Relationship Reduced

Zynga has moved on from Facebook, hoping to gain traction with its own service. ... Read more

Social Media Tips for iGaming Affiliates

Forget the conceptual social media tips for iGaming affiliates. Check out these real, concrete strategies that casino affiliates can use to boost their social media presence. ... Read more

How To Avoid An Offensive Social Media Campaign

Your social media strategy should be as thoroughly planned as your SEO and link building campaigns. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your Tweets or posts. ... Read more

Social Media Etiquette 101

Engaging in nasty back and forth arguments on social media can seriously damage your business and reputation so don't even bother with them. ... Read more

Top Gambling Apps On Facebook

Can social networking and online gambling come together successfully? Look at these Facebook gambling apps and judge whether they are on the right track or not. ... Read more

Online Communities Build Affiliate Value

Online communities are a valuable and very affordable means of directly communicating with your best customers and giving them a chance to market your sites to their networks. ... Read more

Social Networking Strategy for Your Content

Understanding how and when to post content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is essential for affiliate social media strategies. ... Read more
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