Affiliates that use social media heavily have seen results over the last couple of years, but measuring its value compared to the amount of time needed is what will deem if social networks will be a financially sound commodity, or if you are just wasting your investment time and money. Which ones will be worth the time and how do you reach a targeted audience when the whole world can see you?

I don’t have to tell you that Facebook is a great tool to gain some attention from perspective online gamblers since they seem to be on the way to offering real money gambling in the near future. Of course, at the same time, the average CPC for a gambling ad campaign there is between $1 and $10 per click. It has been this way since they have been trying to squeeze cash from free users and it simply has a low ROI compared to most CPC and email campaigns, but regardless, it is a necessity for serious businesses to have a strong presence and can be profitable if done right.

A better plan compared to posting with wild abandon is to invest in an app that promotes your site and niche. Of course, reposting and creating a lot of buzz with topics that people actually want to talk about helps get the information spread around also. The amount of time and capital it takes to really get a good turn over can be intimidating, but this is still the best bet for increasing your overall ROI by finding people who “like” to make bets and “like” what you have to say.

Speaking about getting around, if you circle a lot on Google+ you may know that now it is the world’s second largest social media network, gaining on Facebook by the day. The biggest waste of time and money is to post links on Google+ with no description at all. They will only show up in the stream for people searching similar terms for a short time, and then they disappear off the face of the universe. Since it is one of the last dofollow social networks left, the big “G” can also help get a page indexed faster and sometimes even help it rank better, if it is not abused. More on this later.

The best way to maximize ROI here is to get circled by the right people, and  circle the right people. Follow the trail of +1’s to others that share your interests and find out who +1’d them at the same time. Then create your own custom circles of targeted audiences. This enables you to tailor who sees which post, i.e. Poker tournaments dates get shared to the poker circle and new slots gets shared to the casino circle. This builds trust that your presence is focused on what your audience really wants to see.

Gambling on TwitterMeasuring ROI on Twitter is most likely the hardest of the bunch. It’s a good thing that the formula to increasing the amount of followers you have, and hopefully translating to a larger ROI, is quantity over quality. That’s right…it’s the last of the old school, spam friendly, the more the merrier. The trend here is to tweet enough that you can actually be visible. There really is no such thing as too many tweets, but what’s the ROI even with thousands followers? Only time will tell, but the Twitter leaders update at least once every couple of hours to stay near the top and anything less than that is a waste.

Talking about the smaller, but still potentially profitable networks individually would be a waste of this article’s ROI, because these big 3 are the ones that most affiliates invest in. These techniques can be applied to almost any media and news network anyway. SO, without further delay, I bring you the #1 way to increase your ROI in social media for 2013: Share with Search Optimization in mind!

No matter if the network is nofollow, dofollow, iFollow, or you follow. The data surrounding posts gets integrating into the search terms if there is a link present almost immediately. By killing two birds with one stone, you can be gaining new connections while increasing your websites ranking. That makes this technique the best investment of time and money a gambling affiliate can use on social networks and is why you may want to think twice before posting your pic of that cute kitten.

Author: Jared Bates

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