If Twitter is part of your big picture SEO strategy, you’re probably giving it more credit that Google currently does.

According to a new study from Stone Temple Consulting (STC), as reported on by SearchEngineJournal.com, Google only indexes about 3.4% all Tweets.

Even worse, most of the accounts that are getting indexed are influencers with huge follower counts. STC points out that there seems to be a link between how many followers an account has and whether or not it’s indexed.

Volume Volume, Volume

While 3.4% is a mere pittance of the total – about 500 million Tweets go out each day – it’s still a major boost from what Google used to do. As recently as 2014, Google was only indexing 0.6% of all Tweets.

Part of the problem here is the sheer volume of Tweets that are produced each and every second. To get to that 500 million mark, end-users blast out approximately 6,000 Tweets per second.

Though Google is definitely capable of processing huge amounts of information (they are the world’s leading search engine for gosh sakes) they seem to still be figuring out how to handle Twitter.

The folks at STC believe the search giant is simply building up their Twitter indexing capability at a slow rate.

So What’s it Mean to You?

For starters, the point of the STC study isn’t to disprove Twitter as a valuable marketing tool. Twitter is a great tool for engaging customers, whether Google is indexing it or not.

It’s also clear that Google is definitely on its way towards figuring out how to index greater numbers of Tweets.

And why wouldn’t they? Twitter is a vibrant social media platform that provides an up-to-the-second window on the global psyche.

So don’t throw out Twitter just yet, just be realistic about its potential for upping your SEO game.



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