The rules of link building campaigns have changed a lot over the past few months as Google emphasizes organic social shares over paid link exchanges. Using social media to build links is a different game than what most affiliates are used to, but it’s got plenty of benefits the old ways never offered.

Here are some of the best ideas we’ve run across for using social media to get your link building efforts back on track.

Focus on People

Remember that social media is all about interactions and link building in the space requires a personal touch. Blogger Jesper Astrom explains, in some detail, how to go about connecting with potential link partners in a post titled, Advice when Link building through Social Media.

He advises social link builders to spend some time getting to know the influencers and shot callers in their niche and cultivating relationships with the on media like Twitter. You can easily utilize tools like Twellow and Klout to narrow in these rock stars. (You can also register yourself on these sites to increase your own profile, too.)

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Stay Active

Social media is a dynamic space and no one will be interested in working with you if you’re not actively interacting. Keeping in the conversation with other active users on Twitter or Facebook helps you keep a high profile in front of industry rock stars, as well as building shares for your links.

Remember also that social media is a personal medium, so it’s not the place for bland business speak. Start developing a unique voice that’s a reflection of your personality; assuming you’ve got a good personality.

Know Your Social Media

Remember that every social network has its own focus and its own audience. That means the content you’re sending out on Twitter might not be as big a hit on Facebook or, especially, LinkedIn.

This also applies to the networks you use to contact potential link partners. Most people won’t appreciate receiving link sharing requests or other business correspondence on their personal Facebook accounts. Save those requests for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Make it Easy to Share

Another key component to getting links built up on social media is to make your content as easy to share as possible. Plainly visible social share buttons make life a lot easier for anyone who’s thinking about sending out your content to their networks.

Give it Time

Everyone loved the old link-building methods because they, usually, provided quick results. Social media, on the other hand, does not provide quick results. Think of your social media strategy as a long term investment.

Over the course of months, as you build up clout and social shares, you’ll see those page rankings and site traffic getting back up where you want it to be.

How have your link building strategies changed since Penguin? Share your tips and trick on our Link Building Strategies thread.

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