A solid Social media campaign should be a key component of building an audience and making sales – but your campaigns just aren’t working like they should. What are you doing wrong? You have read tons of articles, blogs, books, and how to’s, yet nothing is working. There are certain aspects to building a social media campaign that can seem like a good idea yet be a horrible mistake. Here are 3 social media mistakes that can prevent your content from going viral:

1. Updating too little or too much

There is a fine line between updating your social media too much and not enough. Many people don’t realize this and fall on one side of the line or the other without even realizing it. For example, some people only post every week, where others post 20 times a day. Both of those examples are on the far side of the line. A good rule of thumb is to post 2 to 4 short posts a day with a longer post that is linked to your blog or web site every 2 days.

2. Business meets pleasure

This is a key mistake that too many people make when it comes to social media. Too many people use the same social media account for both their personal lives as well as their business. If you’re posting personal things on a social media account you set up for business, you will lose potential customers. If you’re posting business things on your personal social media accounts, friends are going to get angry because they aren’t following you to buy stuff. Make sure that you keep these totally separate and resist the urge to cross the streams.

3. Controversial comments or messages

While a fair amount of controversy can help a business, when it comes to affiliate marketing, it can kill it. Steer clear of political or personal views or comments on your business social media accounts, you do not want to offend those that don’t see things your way. This can cost you sales as well as a bad reputation.

Social media campaigns should always be clean and clear, so make sure that you don’t make any of these three horrible mistakes with your affiliate marketing. Doing so can easily cost you sales as well as reputation points that you’ve built up.

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