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Here at we recommend WordPress as THE solution for every affiliate website. No matter what market you’re in, WordPress can surely handle whatever you have in plan.

The slots market is no different. That’s why today we want to show you the top 5 WordPress themes for affiliate websites focusing on slots as their main topic.

Brand Crafters


The theme features a homepage slider, which enables you to show your current promotions, advice, or any other piece of information you find essential for your audience to see.

It also provides a range of shortcodes to make things like: including a custom box, embedding a video, or showing a slideshow, easy and simple. Plus, you can also change the colors, textures and background images with just a single click of a button.

Additionally, all themes by ThemeFuse have a feature called “One click auto install,” which takes care of installing all the main elements of your site for you.

Standard license: $49.



This is a very minimalistic theme. It can work for you if you’re planning to make your site content-focused (by sharing knowledge and providing various articles about playing slots).

The framework of the theme features some advanced functionalities for customizing the design, layout, and the style and typography of every element in the design.

WooThemes gives you the possibility to test every theme inside their Playground before making the final decision to buy.

Standard license: $70.

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