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Maximiliano De Muro Discusses Latest Projects & Advice for Affiliates founder and famed iGaming affiliate Maximiliano de Muro shares his advice for new affiliates, what he's up to know and the craziest thing he's ever tested. ... Read more

Poker Revenue Sharing Explained, Part 1

Do you know the nuts and bolts of each of your poker rev share deals? If not, Herb Jenkins offers a 2-part crash course to make sure you’re getting the best deals and asking the right questions. ... Read more

Advice For New Affiliates, As Offered By The CAP Community

Super affiliates build big revenues on hard work and clever marketing and here they share some of their best tips for building your own affiliate empire. ... Read more

How To Ensure Payments from Your Affiliate Programs

There will be times when your payments will take longer than usual or won't show up at all. Learn different methods to get your payments and make sure it doesn't happen again. ... Read more

Affiliate Marketing Software Evaluation Tips

Evaluating affiliate marketing software isn't the same as evaluating other types of software but follow our tips and the job gets a lot easier. ... Read more

Terms and Conditions Guide for iGaming Affiliates

This is a guide on how a casino affiliate should read a terms and conditions document. It will help you distinguish those affiliate programs that are worth while from those wasting your time. ... Read more

Affiliate Statistics That Matter

Understanding statistics like conversion rates is the key to building traffic and revenue. ... Read more

JavaScript Basics For Affiliates

JavaScript plays an important role in web design because of its sophisticated programming concepts. Here are 7 hot JavaScript tricks that webmasters can use to create stunning looking websites. ... Read more

CPA vs Rev Share: What's Best For You?

CPA and rev share models: do you know the difference? If you're just getting started in the casino affiliate business, it's best to decide which model works best for you. ... Read more

Forex Affiliate Marketing Tips for Casino Affiliates

Forex affiliate programs can add much needed diversity to affiliate portfolios and actually quite complimentary to casino affiliate programs. ... Read more
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