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How Gamblers Can Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Many online gamblers have no idea how much money they can make as a promoter of online gambling. A guide to becoming an affiliate marketer. ... Read more

How To Manage Multiple Affiliate Programs

Affiliate software with the capability to help integrate multiple affiliate programs can be a powerful resource for iGaming affiliates. ... Read more

How to Succeed as a Part-Time Affiliate: Maximizing Your Time

In part 2 of this "how to be an affiliate part-time" series, Robbie examines some good practices for making best use of your free time to move forward with your iGaming affiliate sites. ... Read more

What You Need to Know About the European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour is ideal for converting your smaller players who are looking for the big win. ... Read more

How To Work Effectively With Your Operators

Tips for getting the most out of your affiliate-operator relationship in the global gaming business. ... Read more

Affiliate Payment and Cashout Options

Online affiliates are tasked with deciding between numerous payment and cashout options. Here's what's worth considering. ... Read more

Integrating Other Strategies Into Your Affiliate Model

Creating new marketing strategies as an affiliate can often be done pretty easily due to the dynamic nature of web advertising. ... Read more

How To Be A Part-Time Gaming Affiliate

Valuable tips and strategies to help part-time affiliates make the most of their resources and thereby maximize the potential of their side businesses. ... Read more

Bonus Abuse: A Dangerous Subject

What exactly is bonus abuse? When depositing players are flagged as bonus hunters how does it affect gaming affiliates? ... Read more

What Is Bundling?

When affiliate programs bundle players together, one whale can kill an affiliate's profits. What is bundling and how can it be avoided? ... Read more
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