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Top Affiliate Promotions for September

September is a great time to be looking at new affiliate partners. Here's some of the top affiliate promotions from CAP partners looking for new casino affiliates. ... Read more

What Type of Data You Need to Collect

Affiliate success, or any online business success for that matter is all about testing new things, tracking the right data, and then making educated decisions based on this data. So the only unknown element in this equation is indeed the data. ... Read more

Top 5 Don'ts if You're Starting Out in the Mobile Casino Space

The previous post in this short 2-post series was about the 5 do's, so now it's time to focus on the don'ts. ... Read more

Top 5 Do's if You're Starting Out in the Mobile Casino Space

There's literally a thousand things that you can do when starting out in any new area or medium. So today, we want to talk about the mobile casino space and the top 5 "do's" affiliates should take care of when entering it. ... Read more

You Signed Up to a Gambling Affiliate Program: Now What?

So you've signed up for a gambling affiliate program and don't know what to do next? Here's a checklist to help beginners get started as gambling affiliates. ... Read more

Top Questions Asked by Poker Affiliates

Top 5 queries received by Poker Affiliate Managers. Their replies and what you can do as an affiliate. ... Read more

How to Manage Back-End Website Development

If you're planning to launch a more advanced affiliate site or to expand your existing site, then the world of website development will soon become something for you to deal with. ... Read more

How To Start Over on a New Domain

Affiliate business is not always as straightforward as we'd like it to be. And sometimes, the circumstances can force us to start over again with a completely new website and domain instead of continuing to build up an existing site. ... Read more

Most Embarassing Newbie Mistakes Affiliates Make

Affiliate marketing isn't quite as simple as it looks from the outside. Here's a few of the newbie mistakes CAP readers made before they figured out what the heck is going on. ... Read more

Romania: Ready for the Online Gambling Industry

The recently liberalized Romanian online gambling market is ready for business, but is it a good deal? Here's a few things affiliates should know before promoting to this new market. ... Read more
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