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iGaming affiliates are definitely riding the cutting edge of search engine optimization (SEO) and that means keeping up with the latest techniques from top experts in the field. So who are these experts? Here’s a CAP guide to the top iGaming SEO experts you should be keeping up with.

Dave Snyder

Talk about a guy with a timely skill set, Dave is an expert in both organic and paid link marketing. Snyder isn’t doing SEO consulting anymore and focuses most of his time these days on marketing for startups.

If you’re just getting a site off the ground and want to know how to market it the right way, we highly recommend you spend some time reading Snyder’s work or follow him on Twitter at @davesnyder.

You can read Snyder’s work at,, and his personal blog David Snyder’s Snydey Sense.

Or you can check out Dave Snyder Talks Outsourcing SEO to get an idea of what he has to say.

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