Some in the online gambling industry operate under the maxim that what’s bad for land-based casinos is good for Internet gaming.

While that’s an extreme position, and maybe an unsavory one, there is a certain truth to it. The drop of revenue in Las Vegas, for example, is regularly cited as a boon to the online gambling business world.

Players take security seriously
Security issues have always been a big concern to consumers in general, and online gamblers in particular. So, in an era when online gaming rooms are focusing on greater player security, the fact that some land-based casinos are experiencing security concerns could certainly be seen as another feather in online gaming’s hat.

In Las Vegas, the Review-Journal’s Chris Sieroty reported that hackers were increasingly targeting customer databases in popular casinos. 

“The problem has become serious enough that regulators sent a letter in December reminding casino companies of their obligations to protect customer information and periodically review their database security,” Sieroty writes.

“We are investigating several cases at the moment,” Jerry Markling, chief of the Nevada Gaming Control Board enforcement division, said in the article. “We’ve been seeing a lot of cases involving players club programs and the stealing of points.”

More troublingly, the officials are also claiming that hackers were targeting casinos’ smart phone applications – “which require users to provide personal information that is stored in casino databases”.

It’s likely not a widespread problem at this point, but it is a potential marketing point to convince your site visitors that Internet gambling is superior to its land-based parent.

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