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Google Becomes Alphabet (But Search Remains the Same)

Google is changing its name to Alphabet as part of a major restructuring. That said, search operations won't be impacted and most folks will still refer to it as, "Google." ... Read more

Google Scoffs at Worldwide 'Right to Be Forgotten'

The French Government is asking Google to extend the "right to be forgotten" worldwide. Google has answered with a firm, "non." ... Read more

Google Rolls Out Panda 4.2 Refresh

Google's new Panda refresh is finally rolling out after nearly a year's worth of waiting. But if you were hoping this one offered a quick second chance, guess again. ... Read more

Google Seeks SEO Manager: Dream Job or Nightmare?

Google is hiring what could be the most high pressure job in the SEO world. How doe the title, "Google SEO Manager," sound? ... Read more

Are You Compliant with Google's 'Phantom Update'?

Google's "Phantom Update" is an all out assault on thing content. Here's what you can do to get around it. ... Read more

Should Your Content Marketing Plan Include Your Competition?

A content marketing plan that mentions your competitors is nowhere near as bad as you might think. Here are some reasons why the competition has a place on your websites. ... Read more

Would Your Site Still Rank Without SEO?

If you didn't apply SEO of any kind, would your site still be successful? Here's a few reasons why everything could be all right, without optimization. ... Read more

Here's What Your Boss Doesn't Know About SEO

Bosses don't always understand SEO strategies, no matter how simple you make them. Here are a few SEO facts your boss probably doesn't get. ... Read more

Google Panda Update On its Way...Penguin Updates Will Never Stop

Google is coming at the SEO world with a powerful 1-2 combo. What do you think about a new Panda update and a never ending Penguin update? ... Read more

Finally, Some Good New Jersey Online Gambling News

It took a while, but the New Jersey online gambling industry is finally starting to post some good numbers. Is this good news for the rest of the US industry? ... Read more
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