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Getting Started with Keyword Research for Casino Marketers, Part One

When you're starting your new casino affiliate marketing website, keyword research needs to be the first thing on your to-do list. Without proper keyword research, you're not going to succeed. Success in Internet marketing simply doesn't happen by accident.Why does keyword research matter? It's important to recognize that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires careful planning to understand the marketplace and what consumers want. And your keyword research is the part of your planning that shows you what people are ... Read more

Off Page SEO: The Basics You Need to Know

Yesterday, we discussed the basics of on-page SEO. Today, we look at the partner concept, off-page SEO. Off-page SEOOff-page SEO is the search engine optimization strategy you use away from your website, on behalf of your website. According to a variety of sources, off-page links can make up as much as 80 percent of the algorithm that determines where your website ranks. And while external links are the main element of off-page SEO, social media efforts are quickly gaining in ... Read more

On-Page SEO: The Basics You Need to Know

In a previous article, you learned the basic concepts of SEO. Now, it’s time to explore the two sides of search marketing in more detail. On-Page SEOSimply put, on-page SEO consists of the elements behind search engine optimization you perform on your site, whether in the content, design, or page and internal linking structure. The basic factors are content, title tags, internal linking, and meta descriptions and tags. Content, Content, and More ContentIt can’t be stressed enough: Content, content, content. ... Read more

The Basics of SEO: Finding Your Keywords

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right? If you’re brand new to the concept of search engine optimization (SEO), or search marketing, don’t worry — we explain it all for beginners, right here. So, what is SEO? At its most basic, SEO is engineering your website so it ranks as highly as possible on the most popular search engines — namely Google, Bing, and Yahoo, in that order (although Bing and Yahoo are essentially one and the same at this ... Read more

Google AdWords Legal Battles Continue

... Read more

Google Strategies: Update Your Site Content

If you want to hold on to your good position on Google, one of the key criteria is to constantly upload regular, high-quality content onto your site.  Your own updated content on your site, made up of relevant key words and links towards your main (Index) page. is the foundation of good referencing of your home page on Google, and therefore of your whole website.The importance of content.  Even if it isn't possible to show a ratio of regularly updated ... Read more

Bob Rains on “On-Page SEO” and Meta-Tag Strategies

From affiliate program best practices to search engine optimization, and all points in between, CAP Marketing Guru Bob Rains knows Internet marketing! Make sure to take advantage of Bob’s years of Internet experience right here at the CAP Learning Center. Bob Rains Online Marketing Chat, Wednesday, March 24, 2009: SEO and Meta-Tag StrategiesI’ve received many different questions all touching on small items that I would lump into the category of on-page SEO. I figured it would be a good time ... Read more

Bob Rains Q&A: Does Duplicate Content Hurt SEO?

Twice each month, CAP’s own online marketing guru Bob Rains answers some of your questions about Internet marketing — from affiliate program best practices to search engine optimization, and all points in between. Bob Rains Q&A for Monday, February 9, 2009: Does Duplicate Content Hurt SEO?  Question: I've often been warned that posting duplicate content (i.e., the same article or story on a number of pages throughout my website) will negatively affect my SEO standing, and that Google may even ... Read more

Bob Rains Q&A: Putting a Price on SEO

Every second Monday, CAP hosts an exclusive feature with online marketing pro Bob Rains, to provide you with insider info on the ins and outs of Internet marketing — from affiliate program best practices to search engine optimization, and all points in between. Editors' note: Bob will be a featured speaker at CAP Euro London. Details coming soon! Bob Rains Q&A, No. 3, Monday, January 5: The Value of Quality SEO Services Question: Someone recently quoted me £6000 a month ... Read more

Some SEO Basics for Affiliate Marketers

Search engine optimization -- or SEO, is the art of configuring your website to appear at the top of the rankings in Google, Yahoo, or other search engines when certain terms are searched for --  can be extremely difficult and time consuming.  Google has SEO rules in place that makes its traffic very difficult to reach to new websites. In short, websites do not see serious traffic until they are considered authority websites. Authority websites have a natural flow of ... Read more
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