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Advertisers Punished for Promoting Online Gambling

Online gambling companies have been the target of the Justice Department for some time. Recently, advertisers have been held responsible for promoting illegal gambling sites. ... Read more

Could Holding a Social Media Contest Be Against the Law?

There are many more laws associated with running a social media contest than you would think. Before you run a contest on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you understand the laws of your jurisdiction. ... Read more

Federal Government Cracking Down on Employer Social Media Policies?

Employers have the right to set up social media policies their employees must follow. However, some social media policies may violate NLRB laws. ... Read more

SEO marketing: How Facebook fits in

Social media is now a powerful force for SEO, and Facebook is the biggest social media site of them all. Here are three basic tips for optimizing your Facebook presence for SEO. ... Read more

SEO expert explains Google Panda 2.3 update

Google updated its Panda algorithm once more (and not for the last time) in July with Panda 2.3. How does this change the way Google works? SEO pro Scott Polk explains some of the changes. ... Read more

New to Affiliate Marketing? What Not To Do

Being new to affiliate marketing can be challenging. Knowing what to do can be as important as what not to do. Here's a guide of what not to do, starting with a look at "SEO software," which really doesn’t exist. ... Read more

How to write for the web: Write better headlines, get better SEO

... Read more

Website check: Top 4 site analytics to watch

... Read more

Search engine optimization basics for online casino affiliates

... Read more

Four SEO basics you forgot

SEO is constantly evolving, and it can be tough keeping up with all the changes. At the same time, there are basics and fundamentals to search marketing that should never be forgotten. Here are four useful reminders from ... Read more
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