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Google Trends Gets Design Overhaul

Regular Google Trends page visitors were surprised by to find the popular feature had been completely overhauled to fall in line with the Google + look and feel. Along with the cosmetic changes were a few functional changes that had critics squawking. ... Read more

SEO Expert Calls for Federal Inquiry of Google Disclosure Practices

Google is in violation of Federal paid disclosure guideline and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) isn't doing anything about it. Those are the accusation SEO expert Danny Sullivan makes in an explosive new letter he's sending to the FTC. ... Read more

Top 5 Potential On-Page Over-Optimization Issues

Stay on the safe side of things with this quick SEO checklist of some of the most common over-optimization offenses. ... Read more

Google Panda, Penguin Updates May 2012

Google was busy updating and refreshing Panda in the month of May, here's the developments every webmaster needs to know. ... Read more

Google Knowledge Graph Increases Number of Google Searches

Google Knowledge Graph is already increasing the volume of English language searches on Google. ... Read more

Spain iGaming Regulations Delayed Again

There's another delay in the opening of the Spanish igaming market, only this time it isn't the government's fault. ... Read more

Google Rolls Out Penguin 1.1

Penguin 1.1 rolled this weekend and its impact is still being determined by shell shocked webmasters. ... Read more

SEO Checklist for Gambling Affiliates

Mike Litson discusses the basic SEO checklist and all of the elements affiliates need to get their search engine optimization off the ground. ... Read more

Yahoo Axis Explained

Axis is a 'search browser' from Yahoo! that's aimed at putting the troubled search engine company back in the big leagues. ... Read more

UK Cookie Law Basics for Affiliates

Starting Saturday, most UK websites will need users' permission before dropping cookies in their computers and that could cause big trouble for affiliates. ... Read more
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