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Is DuckDuckGo a Google Killer?

DuckDuckGo is offering a search engine with unprecedented privacy options for users. It's a novel way of competing with Google and it just might work. ... Read more

Bing Links Explorer Guide

The new Bing Links Explorer tool set offers webmasters a lot of nice analytical tools that Google just isn't offering. If you're willing to step away from Google, this is a great SEO tool. ... Read more

Did Google Just Release Panda 3.9?

Did Panda 3.9 just arrive? Whether it did or didn't, it might be time for SEO forum posters to stop blaming every drop in page rankings on the cuddly black and white bear. ... Read more

Top 10 Google Shockers of All Time

Google is a secretive company that's full of surprises when it comes to refreshes and updates. Here are some of Google's top surprises ever. ... Read more

Page Views vs. Unique Visitors?

Which is more important, page views or unique visitors? Too much of one and not enough of the other can cause real problems. ... Read more

Hit By Penguin? Try These Tips from Google Webmaster Forum

Google's webmaster forums are an underutilized source of great SEO advice. If you're still trying to get past the Penguin update, this is definitely a place you want to visit. ... Read more

Google Panda News, Refreshes and Updates: June 2012

Google Panda updates in the month June were limited to separate refreshes but the SEO world can pretty much count on seeing more of them in the near future. ... Read more

Google Penalties Guide

Understanding Google penalties and how to stay out in front of them is the key to keeping those coveted top page rankings. Here's a quick look at the duplicate content, over optimization and negative SEO penalties. ... Read more

Matt Cutts Talks Affiliate Link No Follows

Google SEO Guru Matt Cutts says his company automatically no-follows affiliate links if they come from well known networks. But affiliate partners should add them if they have any doubts. ... Read more

SEO Checklist for Poker Affiliates

With American players getting ready to flood the market, now is the perfect time for poker affiliates to conduct a thorough SEO audit. It's not hard to do and provides plenty of value for your players. ... Read more
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