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Google Rater Guide Leaked to Forums

The Quality Rating Guidelines used by Google's human evaluators have been leaked online to SEO forums. While most of the information is pretty wonky, but there are a few interesting nuggets for mainstream SEOs. ... Read more

Google Tests 4 Results Instead of 10

Google has been experimenting with displaying just four search results this week in a move that has SEOs scratching their heads. This comes just weeks after they started displaying seven results instead of the usual ten. ... Read more

Google Timeline: The Search Engine's Most Powerful Events To Date

Affiliate partners and Google have always had a love/hate relationship and here are some of the most memorable moments from over the years. We've also added one that's yet to happen. ... Read more

Google Panda Updates: Summer 2012

Google refreshed Panda several times over the summer, but the number of SEOs impacted shrunk every time. Who is still getting hit by Panda? ... Read more

Google Penguin Still Packs a Punch Four Months Later

Penguin is four months old and is still impacting SEOs and webmasters. At the same time, these groups are divided as to whether it's been a good thing or a bad one. ... Read more

Search Engine Alternatives to Google

If you're just sick and tired of being a prisoner to Google, here are some new Search Engines for you to check out. ... Read more

Google Panda 3.9.1 Refresh Unrolled

Google rolled out Panda 3.9.1 to an SEO world that's mostly focused on beating back the Penguin. This latest update impacted less than one percent of all queries ... Read more

Google's Traffic Change Warnings Clarified

Google has been sending out an increasing number of very cryptic, automated messages to webmasters about everything from bad links to increased traffic. So what do they all mean? ... Read more

Matt Cutts Warns of 'Jarring' Penguin Update

Matt Cutts describes the next Penguin update as 'jolting' and 'jarring.' Those simple words have struck terror into SEOs in almost every industry. ... Read more

What's the Difference Between Google Penalties and Algorithm Updates?

Do you know the difference between a penalty and an algorithm update? If you don't, you should because it makes a big difference in how you're going to that traffic back. ... Read more
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