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Penguin 3.0 Update Released

Google unrolls Penguin 3.0 update. Is this the one Matt Cutts said would be, "jolting" and, "jarring"? ... Read more

Why People Say 'SEO is Dead'

Bloggers and SEOs love saying SEO is dead, but what do they really mean? A new infographic spells out exactly who's making that pronouncement and why. ... Read more

Google Webmaster Update Includes Rich Snippets

Rich snippet abuse is the target of Google's latest Webmaster Guidelines update. It's all part of the company's high level plan for increasing web content quality across the Internet. ... Read more

Yahoo Now Offers Affiliates Geolocation Data

Internet media giant Yahoo has recently improved their BOSS paid service product (Build Your Own Search Service) with combining popular tools Place Spotter and Place finder as part of the package. ... Read more

Google Update Targets Exact Match Domains

Google's Webspam team team rolled out a new algorithm update that's aimed low quality exact match domains. But plenty of high quality sites say they've been caught in the same net. ... Read more

Q3 Google Panda Update

Google's third quarter Panda updates came in with alarming regularity, but just don't pack the punch they once did. Nonetheless, Panda is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. ... Read more

Hubspot Page Grader Product Review

Hubspot's Page Grader gives SEOs a detailed view into how well their strategies are working. In the post-Penguin environment, link evaluation tools like this are indispensable. ... Read more

Avoiding the Next Penguin Update

Staying ahead of the next Penguin update is going to involve a lot quality content and relationship building. With a little work, you'll have those quality links that are absolutely Penguin-proof. ... Read more

Google for Entrepreneurs Launches

Google for Entrepreneurs is a new program from the search giant designed to get small businesses under the Google umbrella. And if they happen to find the next big thing along the way, so much the better. ... Read more

How Long Before Penguin Fixes Kick In?

You've done all the recommended Penguins fixes, now how long before they kick in? According to our SEO roundtable expert, you might be in for a long wait. ... Read more
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