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Google Hummingbird and the Rise of Social Signals

Google's Hummingbird could be the next step away from link-building as a means of establishing PageRank. This is a big news for smaller affiliates who have put their faith in quality content and social media. ... Read more

Tool Review: Blueprint Search Analytics

Let's continue our "SEO tools" discussion with another interesting product designed specifically to help you better understand your audience and reach them effectively through SEO. ... Read more

Writer Discovers Secure Search Workaround

SEOs who are mourning the loss of keyword data thanks to Google's new encryption scheme are in for some good news. The bigger question is whether a newly discovered workaround will make any difference? ... Read more

Google SEO Updates: October 2013

October's Google and SEO Update is full of big changes for SEOs. In fact, change is the only constant factor in the SEO world these days. ... Read more

GinzaMetrics Tool Review

There are a lot of tools out there for every affiliate who wants to track their sites' performance, search engine rankings, and traffic for different keywords. Today, we're reviewing GinzaMetrics. ... Read more

Top SEO Posts of the Year

CAP's roundup of the most popular SEO blog articles we've released this year. ... Read more

Ready for an SEO Cleanse?

Are you ready for an SEO cleanse? We've got eight tips for refreshing and recharging your SEO efforts. ... Read more

The SEOs You Don't Know (But Probably Should)

We all know the SEO rock stars like Danny Sullivan, but he's not the only game in town. Here are a few SEOs you might want to follow, but have probably never heard of before. ... Read more

Getting Around the "Not Provided" Conundrum

The Google Analytics of today surely brings a lot of great features that website owners can use to determine their sites' results and performance. But in some aspects, the old Google Analytics was more useful, especially when it comes to keywords. ... Read more

Google Launches Penguin 2.1

Penguin 2.1 is Google's latest algorithm update, but it's got a twist. This version of Penguin is more likely to confuse SEOs than hurt them. ... Read more
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