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UK Lottery hacker grabs £5 and a 9 month prison sentence

When Idris Kayode Akinwunmi hacked into the UK National Lottery he dreamed of untold riches but what he got was £5 and nine months in jail. In this case crime definitely didn't pay. ... Read more

TD Ameritrade looks for a piece of US sports betting action

TD Ameritrade, a US brokerage house, is expressing an interest in getting a piece of the US sports betting craze to boost its profits. The idea's not as crazy as you might think. ... Read more

Malaysian authorities bust massive online gambling operation

Malaysian authorities arrested 100 Chinese nationals accused of running a massive, illegal online gambling operation. ... Read more

What to do once the SEO audit is done

Executing an SEO audit is an important aspect of any content marketing plan, but it's just a step in what should be an ongoing process. Here are some steps to take when the audit's done. ... Read more

Ensuring a successful website migration that preserves SEO

Website migration is something that most SEO experts dread, because they fear losing all that work, or maybe losing the entire site. But it doesn't have to be that way - here's what you need to know. ... Read more

Wyoming says 'OK' to unregulated gambling...for now anyways

Unregulated gambling has always been a key component of Western American legend and lore and Wyoming plans on keeping it that way. State lawmakers have nixed a state gambling commission. ... Read more

US President selects new head of Indian Gaming Commission

The American President has selected E. Sequoyah Simermeyer to head up the very powerful Indian Gaming Commission. Sequoyah is described as a fierce advocate for Indians. ... Read more

NBA threatens to cut off sports betting data

NBA Commissioner David Stern is playing hardball when it comes to extracting additional revenue from regulated sports betting in America. He's threatened to cut off sportsbooks from the League's official data stream. ... Read more

GVC Holdings awarded Nevada gaming license with strings attached

The Nevada Gaming Commission awarded a coveted gaming license to GVC Holdings this week, but they weren't necessarily happy about it. It's more like a short leash than an actual license. ... Read more

Connecticut sports betting bill would grant leagues' integrity fee'

A proposed Connecticut sports betting bill would grant professional leagues their dearest wish, a cut of the action via "integrity fees". But there's a catch the leagues might not like. ... Read more
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