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Wyoming says 'OK' to unregulated gambling...for now anyways

Unregulated gambling has always been a key component of Western American legend and lore and Wyoming plans on keeping it that way. State lawmakers have nixed a state gambling commission. ... Read more

US President selects new head of Indian Gaming Commission

The American President has selected E. Sequoyah Simermeyer to head up the very powerful Indian Gaming Commission. Sequoyah is described as a fierce advocate for Indians. ... Read more

NBA threatens to cut off sports betting data

NBA Commissioner David Stern is playing hardball when it comes to extracting additional revenue from regulated sports betting in America. He's threatened to cut off sportsbooks from the League's official data stream. ... Read more

GVC Holdings awarded Nevada gaming license with strings attached

The Nevada Gaming Commission awarded a coveted gaming license to GVC Holdings this week, but they weren't necessarily happy about it. It's more like a short leash than an actual license. ... Read more

Connecticut sports betting bill would grant leagues' integrity fee'

A proposed Connecticut sports betting bill would grant professional leagues their dearest wish, a cut of the action via "integrity fees". But there's a catch the leagues might not like. ... Read more

Regulated Sports Betting in Washington D.C. hits a few road bumps

Washington D.C.'s Cit Council has approved a measure legalizing sports betting in the city, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. The measure still needs approval from the US Congress. ... Read more

Duterte says take it easy on Chinese gambling workers

Philippine President Duterte Rodrigo told his countrymen to take it easy on Chinese gambling workers who are in the country illegally. It was a rare moment of restraint from the strong man. ... Read more

Back to basics: social media drives SEO

While there used to be some doubt, there's no question that modern SEO can be driven by a solid presence on social media. Here are a few tips for adding social to your SEO plan. ... Read more

Maryland voters are keen on sports betting

More than half of all registered voters in the state of Maryland are currently in favor of adding sports betting to their gambling options. But that doesn't mean they'll see it anytime soon. ... Read more

UK Finalizes Hefty Online Gambling Tax

Starting in October of next year, UK-facing online gambling operators will be paying out a 21 percent tax on their casino revenue. That's a vast improvement over what lawmakers originally proposed. ... Read more
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